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The Brooks HellRunner Down South events at Longmoor Camp in Hampshire (10th & 11th November) saw 5000+ people take on The Devil’s famed course, including the Bog of Doom and the Hills of Hell.

The dry, but cold conditions were perfect for running as all of the brave participants punished their soles but gained redemption of the mind (and some very tired legs) by completing the challenging course.

For the second weekend in the row, The Devil was aghast to see so many humans overcome his obstacles.  “I tell you what, I made that course harder this year than its been for a couple of years and yet everyone seemed to be loving it.  My sadism knows no bounds so I will be pulling out all the stops at Hell in the Middle in February. (Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent).

“I pity the folk who dare to venture there and I challenge anyone who has entered Hell up North or Hell Down South this month to see if they can handle my next test!”

Entries for Hell in the Middle are open now and it is filling up fast, so anyone wanting to take on the Devil’s challenge should move quickly.

Dates for Hell Up North and Hell Down South 2013 will be confirmed shortly.


The Brooks HellRunner Devil went sadistic on Saturday 3 November as his famous Hell Up North course added a new level of torture for participants.

The ‘Lake of Lucifer’ became part of the course after the persistent heavy rainfall at Delamere Forest ‘created’ this brand new body of water on the route of the popular trail running event.

Brave participants had already struggled up the ‘Hills of Hell’ and survived the ‘Bog of Doom’ while covering over nine miles of tricky terrain before arriving at the Lake.  With the temperatures not far above freezing, the crossing was perilous and certainly not for the faint hearted.

As is normal though, the majority of participants lapped up the added challenge and nervelessly braved the water with a huge smile on their faces.

Asked about the addition of the Lake, the Devil said, “Look, me and the big man upstairs don’t normally get along, but when I saw that he left this present for me I was tempted to jump on SKYPE and pass on my thanks!

“It’s exactly the sort of element that makes HellRunner the event that it is.  You don’t have the word ‘Hell’ in the title and then give people a gentle cross-country event.  They sign up for torture and that is what I aim to provide.  My only beef is that so many of them rose to the challenge.  Human spirit hey?”

The series now moves to Hampshire over the weekend 10-11 November for Hell Down South.  Expect more torture, more smiles and more quotes from the Devil.


4 Responses to “News”

  • Chris Ross:


    We have just recently completed hell run up north

    what a day couldn’t have been more testing
    ,me an my work colleague are bending a few more arms in work to jump on the next hell run up north…

    how soon before we can register for 2013

    rgrds Chris Very sore an battered (Thumbs up)

    • Nik:

      Hi Chris, glad you enjoyed it. Entries for 2013 will be open early in the New Year. Just keep an eye on the web and watch out for our newsletters.
      Best, Nik

  • anthont fowell:

    wot can i say??? this is the 5th hell run iv done , and this was by far the best or should i say the hardest hills water and mud. far better than last year when the course was to short ,this year was spot on big thanks to brooks and hellrunner.

  • marissa ( redhead):

    What a fabulous race!!!

    The clic Sargent boys where great….specialy when i was treated with a piccy of there bum…very nicectreat

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